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Ever wondered why exactly recycling all your scrap metal is so important? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Stick around with ys and we promise you some answers.

A Side Note

Scrap recycling is very economy friendly and cost-effective. It has saved a lot of manufacturing industries from excessive spending as it is cheap and requires less energy to melt. The use of recycled metal has become very popular in recent times, and it continues to grow as it is being applied in many sectors and industries.

This process of recycling discarded metal has proven to be a great help to both the economy and the environment. Recycling is such a wonderful idea as items that have reached their end can be taken and reused for a new purpose. So instead of throwing away that pile of soda cans and food containers in your home, why not consider having them recycled instead.

Why Recycle Scrap Metal?

So why exactly do metals such as steel, copper, brass and aluminium often get recycled and used for various purposes? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

First, recycling these metals preserves nature and helps keep the environment clean. By keeping these metals recycled, we reduce the accumulation of non-biodegradable waste materials in the environment.

Furthermore, scrap metal recycling also helps reduce the rate at which raw metals get exhausted. With scrap metals being recycled and reused, we less raw materials get mined than if these metals never get recycled.

What Can These Recycled Metals Be Used For?

Now, you might be thinking; fine, I see WHY scrap metals should be recycled, but what exactly are these recycled metals used for? Well, here is your answer ─ EVERYTHING! Or at least almost everything. Seriously. Look around. See all those metals, chances are, every single one of them contains some recycled scrap metal or the other!

With that said, below are just a few of their uses:

For Packaging

Most of the canned foods sitting on our cabinets and refrigerator are packaged with recycled steel and aluminium. After we eat our canned foods and throw away the can into the trash, they are sorted out, processed, and can reappear in your refrigerator as a brand-new food container within as little as 60 days.

Recycled aluminum requires much less processing than new aluminum, and it doesn’t emit as much greenhouse gases. This proves to be very economical and cost-effective.

For Transportation

The transport industry depends heavily on recycled metal. Roads, railways and transport vehicles are usually made using recycled metal. With millions of vehicles exhausting their durability every year, cars take up the top position on the list of recycled metal products.

More and more vehicles are being recycled, and about 25 percent of most cars manufactured are made out of recycled metal. The steel material is taken out from the discarded vehicle, it is then shredded, melted, and then used in the manufacture of brand-new vehicles.

For airplanes, they use recycled aluminum instead of steel because of the need to be lightweight. Discarded tins and cans take up a large percentage of the recycled aluminum used in the manufacturing of airplanes. So the next time you throw away that can of soda, know that it just might become a part of the aeroplane you board next.

Also, recycled steel is used in the construction of railroads. Although not as much as cars, a large percentage of recycled steel goes into the construction and reinforcement of trains and train tracks.

For Industrial Use

Scrap recycling Sydneyis also very useful in the industrial sector. Recycled aluminium and iron are widely used for construction projects such as roads and bridges. In recent times, recycled scrap metal is used to detoxify industrial wastewater which has helped reduce water pollution by 76%.

Recycled aluminium is also used in manufacturing many household appliances and building materials. Containers used by many companies are also made out of recycled metal. The recycling of so many discarded metal has greatly helped in keeping the environment clean and has prevented the need to mine other natural resources that are already scarce.

For Artwork

While the various industries and manufacturers have greatly benefited from the use of scrap metal recycling, it has also become very useful to the creatives. While some people would see a pile of discarded soda cans as trash, some others will see it as a tool for creativity.

Various sculptures, wall decorations and other pieces of home decor are made out of discarded metal. Artists take these discarded metals, get creative with it and end up making a living out of it. There’s a distinctive style to creative metalwork with a whole community of people who use such discarded items for their creative works.

For Home Furnishings

Most of the metal furnishings in your home such as wall clocks, chairs, tables, and lamps are made out of recycled metal. Using recycled metal for home furnishings is becoming more and more popular as used metal can be melted and remade to take on any form.

Pieces of metal from discarded car doors, aeroplane parts and the likes are usually remade into our household furnishings. Some roofing materials are also made out of recycled metal, whether completely, or just in part.

And that’s just a few! Really, the benefits of scrap metal recycling, both to the environment and to the economy are quite numerous, so much so that it is not something we should be ignoring. So if you are still hesitating to start recycling your metals, what are you waiting for? Start recycling today, nature is counting on you!

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