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In a world where there is more and more scrap metal on the streets, GLADESVILLE has a knack for spotting it. Instead of going to the dump, they have teamed up to find a better way to recycle it. We have been serving our community for more than 4 years now and we have been providing this service to the people of Gladesville for some years as well. In our company, we do not just process scrap metal from various sources but also recycle scrap metal from various industries thus providing a whole array of services to the people of Gladesville. We provide professional services to help your client to sort out all their broken pieces into new materials that are useful for them. The biggest benefit is that the process saves them money by paying less for these discarded parts which can be sold or recycled at a lower cost than buying new materials from other companies. What is more, we offer a clean and safe environment- the hallmark of our company.


We are proud to be able to recycle all types of scrap metal products at our facility in Gladstone. We have the largest scrap processing plant. Our facility includes two separate processing lines, one for commercial vehicles and one for household & office waste products. We use the latest technology to recycle these materials safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively into new products that are of high quality, reusable or recyclable material. You can recycle scrap metal to create a renewable energy source. The metals that are recycled could be used to make a variety of products. They can be used in the production of things like smartphones, cars, laptops, and even the steel used in the construction of buildings. Since recycling scrap metal is so easy and effective, it's important to work with those resources wisely. Not only does it help the environment as a whole but it also helps save money as well as reduces your carbon footprint by significantly less than if you were to use non-renewable resources such as coal or oil.


Scrap is a valuable resource for many industries and we should use it properly. Scrap metal is a highly versatile material that can be used for a variety of different purposes. It can be used as an industrial waste material, as scrap metal for the automotive industry, as scrap metal for recycling, and as waste. But we must ask ourselves: what exactly do we need all this scrap for? What could we do with it? Scrap metal is a great source of raw materials and also a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge. It can be used to make anything from coffee mugs to chopsticks. Scrap is processed using specialized machinery and is turned into reusable items, which not only save energy but also costs much less than virgin ore extraction. At SCRAP METAL RECYCLING COMPANY GLADESVILLE we convert useless scrap into items that can be used over and over again.


If you find yourself surrounded by heaps of scrap metal and don’t know what to do with it, you should contact us as we provide the most convenient scrap metal recycling services in GLADESVILLE. With our amazing offers for your discarded metal items, you can rest assured that you will get the best value. We use our machines to find any metal that is unusable or broken that can be recycled into new materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. When we get it sorted we make sure that all of it is going somewhere useful rather than going back to the landfill. We put our scrap metal on a conveyor belt and take it straight off to a special waste treatment plant where it will be made into new products which are good for our planet and people’s health.


Local Scrap Metal offers excellent money for any scrap metal so that you can find one or more good offers. We are aiming at the future of the scrapping industry. As our company is a leading SCRAP METAL recycling company we like to allow our customers to learn about analytics and data analysis tools. The purpose of the course is to provide them with an overview of how thought leadership can be used as an asset for companies looking to reduce their operational costs and improve their overall business performance. We believe this will help you make better decisions by understanding your industry better. The Local Scrap Metal team in GLADESVILLE helps you with your scrap and makes sure all the scrap metal is efficiently and effectively used in a novel way.

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