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The best aspect of metals is that you can recycle them without compromising their properties. If you look around your home or garage, you’ll spot several metal items that you may or may not require. While it makes sense to keep using the metal items you need, disposing of the extra metal items will clear your home’s clutter and might help you earn some cash. With these 6 ways to Dispose of Scrap Metal, you can also ensure you’re doing better than letting the metal deteriorate at your place.

Recycle with a Metal Recycling Facility

Most areas have at least a few metal merchants Sydney that buy and recycle metal. The process is as easy as driving up and unloading your materials. Make sure to check what type of metals the facility buys. While some accept all metals, others may only buy specific types, such as aluminium or steel.

The amount of money you’ll make from your scrap metal Marrickville will depend on the weight and type of metal you have. The price also varies depending on the current market value for that particular metal.


If you have extremely large pieces of metal, such as cars or refrigerators, shearing can be ideal. It involves cutting the metal into small, manageable pieces with a large industrial machine. Once your metal is in smaller pieces, you can sell it to a recycling facility, as mentioned above.

Shearing is also the best method for disposing of metal that’s too difficult to transport on your own. For example, if you’re trying to get rid of an old water heater, shearing is the most efficient way to cut it up and haul it away.

Dumpster Rental

If you have a lot of small pieces of metal or metal mixed in with other junk, a dumpster rental is your best option. You can rent a dumpster for a day or two and simply throw all your unwanted items inside, including your scrap metal. Once the dumpster is full, the company will come and haul it away, recycling anything that can be recycled.

Junk Car Removal Services

Such services will take your old, unwanted cars off your hands and dispose of them properly. While you may or may not get paid for your car, you will save money on towing and disposal fees.

Breaking Down the Metal

If you have the time and patience, breaking down metal into smaller pieces is another great way to dispose of it. Once it’s in small enough pieces, you can either recycle it at a local facility or even sell it online.


Upcycling is when you take something that would normally be considered trash and turn it into something new and useful. With metal, this could involve turning an old pipe into a coat rack or an old sheet of metal into wall art. Not only will you be disposing of your scrap metal, but you’ll also end up with a new, one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

Final Word

Disposing of excess metal is easy if you know where to dispose of it. Keep the above options in mind to ensure you deal with the excess metal in the best possible way.

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