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Electricians who are new to their trade, tend to throw away precious scraps when they’re done working on their projects. However, such electrical scraps could be much better utilised if they’re recycled properly, which is why we’re here to help you provide some guidance on the same. 

Whether you have electrician scraps lying around in your home or commercial property – the following comprehensive guide about metal recycling in Sydney will surely assist you. 

Tips For Recycling Electrician Scraps

1. Cable Recycling

Since an electrician’s work mostly has to do with cables, they’re the first ones to be recycled. Most electrical cables nowadays come with copper wires underneath the insulating layer and since copper is the most valuable non-ferrous metal, it would be an unwise decision to not recycle the scrap or leftover wires. 

But, before you start collecting all scrap electrical wires for recycling, you have to first segregate them based on the type of metal they use. There can be aluminium wires, copper wires, mixed copper wires and so on. Hence, it’s recommended to segregate the cable types and then opt for the recycling process. 

2. Electrical Switches & Switchboard Recycling

Damaged and old switches & switchboards that are not of any use, should instantly be directed towards the scrap metal recycling centre. This is because switches & switchboards contain metal inserts – which are either of aluminium or copper – can therefore be extracted & recycled so that new switches & switchboards can be manufactured. 

3. Electrical Lighting Equipment Recycling

Most electrical lighting equipment such as light tubes or bulbs come with metal inserts that are made out of aluminium – especially the connector/conducting ends. When any lighting equipment gets damaged, it becomes no use to the electrician and thus is disposed of. However, instead of disposing of and harming the environment, you can recycle them. Recycling will help in extracting the metal inserts and thus pave the way for a greener future. 

Finding The Ideal Metal Recycler

According to a metal recycler for brass and copper in Seven Hills, you must find the ideal scrap metal recycler and create a deep relationship with the service provider. This is because when you’ll bring your electrician scraps to the correct recycling centres, then you can always assure that there will be no wastage and proper recycling procedures will be followed. 

So, ensure that you perform your due research about the best scrap metal recyclers around you and choose the one that has the best or one of the best recycling facilities. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the genuineness of the company along with what the customers are saying. 

Always remember that by recycling scrap metal – you’re not only doing good for yourself and the environment – but also your future generations. 

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