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In recent years, scrapping has become increasingly popular due to the money involved in this industry. While it’s true that scrap metal recycling is beneficial for the planet and the environment, most people are motivated to recycle scrap metal for cash. If that sounds interesting to you, you can also start selling scrap metal to local scrap metal yards and metal recyclers and make money.

Most people just sell whatever they get their hands on without researching the market and getting an idea of the value of different scrap metals. If you play it a little smart and keep in mind the prices of specific scrap metals, you can make much more than what you’re already making. 

Today, we discuss some of the most valuable scrap metals in detail. Dive in to know more about these scrap metals and how you can maximize your income through selling them.


For many professionals, copper is the top choice for the most valuable scrap metal because it consistently provides great results in terms of market value. High-quality copper can get you high prices, while low-grade copper is worth much less. It is also one of the most common metals you can get your hands on, which is also the reason why it’s one of the most stolen scrap metals. 

Most electrical appliances have a considerable amount of copper in them, so if you’ve any such appliances lying around, you can convert them into scrap metal for cash. Copper wires and pipes are some other great sources of copper as they are easily available everywhere.


While Aluminum might not be the most expensive scrap metal around, it is certainly a great choice if you want to recycle scrap metal for cash thanks to its widespread availability. It is also very easy to recycle and takes a significantly lower amount of energy than producing new aluminum from ore, further solidifying it as the perfect choice for scrap metal recycling.

The first thing anyone can think of as a source of aluminum scrap metal is usually soft-drink cans. While they are relatively easy to find and provide a good value, there are some other sources such as old computers, bike frames, and car parts that are host to a large amount of aluminum.


Brass is not the most obvious choice for many people when it comes to recycling scrap metal, but it’s an item that can be easily found in most houses. The most common sources for brass include brass fittings, doorknobs, and taps. If you are about to replace any of these items with new ones, look out and sell the brass scrap for extra cash. 

Some items look like they are made of gold because of their shine and glitter but you know they are not gold. Well, guess what? It’s highly probable they’re made of brass. If you have any such items lying around, you know what to do.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel is one metal that, unlike many others, can be easily identified by anyone. It’s in your cupboard, your kitchen, your furniture, literally anywhere you go. Watch out for a specific type of steel containing other metals such as chromium or chrome, it’s a lot more valuable than normal steel. You might want to check out your kitchen as most of the kitchen equipment is made of steel. 

Stainless steel scrap is categorized in grades, depending on the amount of nickel present in the alloy; each grade has a different value. The amount that you’re paid also depends on the cleanliness of the scrap metal. Make sure your metal doesn’t have oil or grease on it or you’ll be paid less.


Lead scrap, when recycled, can make you a large sum. However, it’s not that easy to get your hands on a pure source of lead. It is the least scrapped metal because it is highly toxic and needs to be scrapped with extreme safety precautions. Lead items are also difficult to be transported as they are usually heavy.

After reading this, you’re probably worried about the risks attached to lead scrapping. No doubt it is a dangerous metal to deal with and we wouldn’t advise you to deal with it if you are a novice.


This might come as a surprise, but there are people waiting to buy silver from you other than your jeweler. In fact, scrap metal recyclers often pay you more for your silver than a jeweler would. If you have old silver jewelry, medals, or other silverware, you might want to check out the local scrap metal buyers.

Hurry up and convert all the silver scrap you have into cash. 

Some Tricks To Help You Get Started:

Now that you know what metals to look for while visiting a recycler, here are some tricks that will help you kickstart scrap metal recycling and earn more:

–              Get suitable equipment for scrapping – equip yourself with the right tools to make scrapping easier for yourself. Get a wire cutter, magnet, cordless saw, and some buckets to collect the scrap metal.

–              Get in touch with construction companies – no place is better to find some scrap metal than a construction site. Contact the construction companies in your area and offer to lift off the excess scrap metals.

–              Look for an honest and well-paying metal recycler – since this is a growing business, there are bound to be buyers that take advantage of the opportunity and grab the scrap metal for low prices. Search around for an honest scrap metal buyer that is honest and pays you well.

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