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Selling scrap metal is a good choice if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to make some extra cash. Any appliance or object can be scrap metal; even if it is no longer functional, it still contains valuable metal. If you do it in an organized manner, collecting and earning from scrap metal can be a great side hustle.

You Should Know

Not every type of metal is valued the same. It will be worthwhile to learn the difference between ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals so that you can gauge the true value of your scrap metal. To differentiate between metals, the rule of thumb is that if a magnet sticks to the metal, it is ferrous, otherwise, it is non-ferrous. Non-ferrous metals— such as copper, aluminium, nickel, tin, titanium— yield higher monetary value. Ferrous material consists of iron, alloys of iron, stainless steel, and similar metals, forming a major percentage of scrap metal.

Also, remember that “clean” metals get more money where “clean” refers to metal that is free of any non-metals (e.g. plastic). Keep in mind that metal prices can fluctuate and also that Scrap Metal in bulk is more likely to get you more money. Hence, put in some extra effort in separating and sorting your scrap metal and North Shore scrap metal companies will pay you more for it.

Sell it to Scrap yards

The best way to sell your scrap for the best price and in an above-board and responsible fashion is to find a reputable, licensed scrap metal company in your area. Scrap metal North Shore companies will unload your scrap to their scale and will offer you an amount, based on the weight. As mentioned before, it is good practice to separate and classify your metal items as you would not want to mix ferrous and non-ferrous in the scale; that would impair the value. The scrap yard dealer could weigh them all together and then give you the price based on the lowest-value metal you have got.

Finding a reliable and nearest scrap metal company in North Shore can be done as easily as doing a web search, checking the rating, and reading the reviews. A company with good management assesses your metals in a right and just way. Essentially, they will want more of your scrap metal because this is where they get their revenues.  However, before concluding the deal, contact different scrap metal companies in North Shore and see who offers the best price for the scrap metals you have. A usual mistake that first-time scrap sellers make is contacting a limited number of scrap metal companies.

Purchase and Resell

For this, you will require free appliances and metal items that people are giving away. You can find such items easily on Craigslist, in the “free” section. You can collect these items, and extract the metal out of them to sell.

Craigslist often has many listings for people who require scrap metal side hustlers and will advertise for you to pick up their scrap metal in North Shore for free. Some touchup and cleaning will maximize your profits on reselling.

Some appliances are simply assembled so it would require minimal effort to disassemble and extract the metal bits. You can learn more about the different items you want to disassemble from YouTube tutorials. Also make sure, that before you purchase any items you understand how much scrap metal can be expected out of them. Items like broken Christmas lights contain valuable copper components therefore you will earn more cash for them as scrap than you would earn by repairing and reselling.

Transport Scrap

Common and local sources of scrap metal often require someone to haul their scrap metal to free up space. So if you have a pickup truck, you can make the most out of it. People and manufacturing companies know there are side hustlers for scrap metal in North Shore and will occasionally advertise free scrap metal for you to pick up and transport. Not only will you be paid for the relocation, but can also sell the scrap metal to increase your revenues.

You will need to locate the sources of scrap metal in your vicinity. Retail outlets replace their shelves while shooting ranges have bullet shells made of brass that can be collected and recycled. Clinics often replace their appliances and furniture because of their frequent usage and technicians and electricians can have parts and scrap that you can add to your collection. Contact the management of these companies to schedule a pick-up for their scrap.

Again, advertising is the key here so make sure you give your business card to the Craigslist poster when picking up his or her scrap metal in North Shore.


There are multiple ways to make money from scrap metal; however, do your homework first before starting up a scrapping business. Selling scrap metal is a good way to make money out of unusable items and also resolve environmental issues that plague society today.

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